Frequently asked questions

Q: Where is 312 Fish Market Located? I can never find you guysA: We are located on 2105 S Jefferson. 2nd Floor
(Inside 88 Market’s food court)
Q: What time do you guys close? How come you guys don’t open later?A: 312 market closes at 9pm(Holiday hours may vary)
The gates to the supermarket lock up because the market closes at 9pm as well.
Q: Do i need a reservation? A: Reservations are not required but it is recommended. We have very limited seating, about 20. We like to space out dine in customers and sanitize the area.
Q: Are you guys a full restaurant?A: We are a food court stall with limited restaurant accommodations.
Q: You guys don’t have hot kitchen items? You guys do not even have miso soup? What kind of sushi place does not have miso soup?
A: As much as we would love to implement a hot kitchen menu, the space provided to us is very minimal and ineffective for us to operate hot items up to the standards that we would like. We are currently in discussion for more shared kitchen space.
Q: Do you guys offer Omakase ?A: We are currently looking for a way to improve our Omakase experience. At the moment we are experiencing staff shortage and unstable food cost. However, If you decided to sit at the sushi bar, don’t hesitate to ask the Chefs for off menu items.
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